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1. What is IWBC?

IWBC is a realization of the WBS (Whistle Blower System) policy, enacted by ITM. With IWBC, employees can communicate ethical and legal violations they are aware of, by submitting a report through an anonymous and convenient method.

2. How was the IWBC developed?

IWBC was developed through many phases since mid 2010. The process included two focus group sessions with employee representatives, thorough discussion with the Board of Director and Board of Commissioner, and also testing phase with related departments.

3. What can be reported through IWBC?

You can report any kinds of wrongdoing that you have witnessed, such as corruption, unfair practice, dishonesty, law violation, evasion of tax and/or other regulations, violation of company ethical code of conduct, work safety, security, or health infringement, actions that may cause financial or non-financial loss, violation of company standard operating procedures (SOP), and bribery.

4. How can I submit a report through IWBC?

There are two options. First, you may open the IWBC Portal available at www.iwbcitmg.com, or as an alternative, you may download the excel form available at the front page of the IWBC Portal.

5. Can I access IWBC outside from the office?

Yes. You are able to access IWBC from anywhere at your convenience. IWBC can be opened using various modern device, such as computers under Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, and also mobile devices that are using Windows Mobile/Phone, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and other.

6. Do I have to reveal my identity when submitting a report?

No. You have the option to submit your report with or without disclosing your identity. The choice is all yours. If you choose to disclose your identity, IWBC will not reveal it to any parties, without your approval.

7. Do I have to enter my email contact information when submitting a report?

No. You are not obligated to enter your email contact information. However, we strongly suggest you to include an email address so you can be notified whenever there is a status update or a clarification request on your report. You may use any emails address you would like to, even a free disposable email account that you can create solely for the purpose of submitting a report.

8. If I provide my contact information, can the Ombudsman contact me?

Yes, but indirectly. The communication process will be facilitated through IWBC, in which the Ombudsman will not directly contact you. Your contact information will never be revealed to the Ombudsman, unless you opted to do so.

9. Will IWBC reveal my personal identity to any parties?

No, IWBC completely protect your contact information. Your personal information will never be revealed to any parties, unless you have confirmed to reveal it.

10. How can I view the latest status of the report I have submitted?

If you provide your email contact, you will be provided with a web link, that will contain the latest status of your report. Whenever an Ombudsman update the status of the report, IWBC will also send an automatic update notification to your email.

11. Who would follow-up my report?

Your report will be communicated to the company’s Ombudsman, so appropriate action(s) can be taken immediately to resolve the problem.

12. Who are the member of the Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman is consisted of three members: The Head of the GCG Committee, the President Director, and the Corporate Secretary. If deemed necessary an independent consultant could be hired on an ad-hoc basis subject to the approval of President Director.

13. Who would investigate my report?

If the Ombudsman has decided to investigate your report, the Investigation Committee will proceed with the investigation process.

14. Who are the members of the Investigation Committee?

The Investigation Committee is consisted of Chairman of the Audit Committee, Internal Audit Head, Corporate Secretary. The Investigation Committee can also involve ad-hoc members, that are taken from the related department or function to support the investigation in a certain area.

15. Can the Investigation Committee contact me directly, or vice versa?

The Investigation Committee can only contact you by the Ombudsman through the IWBC. No direct contact with you will be engaged during that process.

16. What would be the reward for me, if I submit a report?

You will help to create a better and cleaner ITM organization. The Ombudsman will decide whether to award the reporter on a case to case basis.

17. How long would it take to follow-up a report?

The time needed to conduct an investigation will vary, and it will be greatly affected by the number of information and evidence given on the report submission.

18. How can I ensure that the report I’ve submitted is being processed?

To help the follow-up, please provide as much information as possible, by filling all report information as available in IWBC. You may also provide additional documentation proof if you are in possession of any supporting documents.

19. What if I want to submit additional information and/or evidence after my report has been submitted?

You may submit additional information and/or evidence to support your report, if the Ombudsman has sent you a clarification request through the IWBC. However, if you wish to add new information and/or additional proof, you may submit a new report containing the new information and/or additional proof.

20. What if I receive any retaliations after I’ve submitted a report?

If you received any kinds of retaliation after you have submitted a report, please submit another report, explaining about the retaliation.

21. What kind of protection can be provided to the reporter?

If Ombudsman observe that potential retaliation to the reporter may lead to a criminal act, Ombudsman facilitate a reasonable protection against such a potential criminal act, which are in accordance with the current law and regulations, e.g. involvement of police department and ‘witness protection’.

22. What if I am reporting a member of the Ombudsman?

If you are filling a report against a member of the Ombudsman, please enter the complete information, in the wrongdoer identity. The IWBC will automatically redirect your report to the Audit Committee.

23. What if I am not satisfied with the followup result of my report?

The thoroughness and completeness of the report will be the key in determining the followup process for a certain report, hence affecting the level of satisfaction of the reporter. Ombudsman has the privilege of determining what kind of followup will serve the best interest of the organization.

24. How independent is IWBC?

To preserve its independency, IWBC is operated by a 3rd party, appointed by ITM. IWBC is also designed to minimize the need of human involvement that might be needed in the whistle blowing process, thus IWBC is fully automated.

25. How secure is IWBC?

IWBC is secured with a 256 bit encryption method, and other security standards The IWBC server is placed in a reputable and credible data center, compliant with the US-EU Safe Harbor security standards.

26. Who is the administrator of IWBC?

IWBC does not require any human administrator to monitor the whistle blowing process. The system and technical performance of the IWBC's is maintained by an appointed 3rd party, under a private maintenance mode, in which the system administrator will not be informed of the what system he/she is currently maintaining.